OCaml/Reason Compiler Hacking sessions. First announcement…

It’s time for me to organize my first event about OCaml (and in the same time, Reason), and more specifically something like the Compiler Hacking Sessions OCamlLabs holds in Cambridge.

It would be the first week-end of July 2017 (1st and 2nd) in my apartment in the south of Belgium near Ath (the address will be given to people who will participate, I don’t want to publish it on the Internet). Everyone can come, even if you don’t have any knowledge about compilers or type systems.
This week-end won’t be only focused on OCaml Compilers Hacking. I mainly organize this event to meet other developers, talk about technologies, things we like, share cultures, taste beers, eat Belgian fries (not French fries, it’s not the same, and fries are Belgian, not French…). But of course, code and learn will be the most important.

More information will come later like links to begin to hack with type systems, information about compilers. I will also post some hacks which can be interesting in the OCaml/Reason community. To OCaml/Reason maintainers, contact me if you have suggestions (maybe add some labels on the GitHub repository for contributions). Contributions can also be about the ocaml.org website, documentation, write documentations for next sessions, etc. No idea for the moment what we will work on.
I will also post later more practical information how to come to my apartment (from Brussels, it’s easy, it only takes one hour. I will help you, don’t worry about that).

The event will be free about registration and hosting. As it’s the first time I organize this type of events, I will only ask you to pay/participate for food and drinks (a special beer will be offered). Belgium is not really expensive, specially in my region. Around 20€ is enough for the weekend, we will see during the weekend how much food costs. I hope later I will be able to offer it (yes, I plan to reorganize it often). I will also ask to participants to register on an EventBrite event. People who are interested can already send me a message.

II can host maximum 6 people, and it would be the place for hacking for 8-9 people. If someone has a bigger place (with good Internet connection, no firewall, no Internet connection restrictions) and wants to host the event, please contact me. More people we can have, better it is. If you live near Ath and want to host some people for the night, you can also contact me. About the apartment, don’t worry about Internet connection (10Mbs) and places. We have two rooms around 15m2 where we can hack.

In the next few weeks, I will invest in some interesting stuffs like 50″ TV to make presentations, a huge meeting table and maybe hardwares to work on different architectures. I already have a raspberry pi 3, a rasp zero, a rasp 1B, I can have some Arduino microcontrollers, etc. Of course, you need your laptop and something to sleep on.

If you want to help to organize this event, or if you want to sponsor it by giving/lending stickers, hardware or anything else (screens can be very interesting, I have only two at home), you can contact me. I already thank OCamlLabs for stickers they will send to me.

More will come in the next few weeks. You can follow me on Twitter (@dwillems42) for up-to-date info or send me an email to contact@danny-willems.be. Hope there will be interested people!

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